Four Are Better Than Two -
Tom And Jerry Meet
Sherlock Holmes

What happens if the famous cat and mouse duo, Tom and Jerry, meets literature's most famous detective?

A jolly good movie, that's what happens.

Six months after the movie with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law was released, Warner Brothers also sent Tom and Jerry on an adventure with Sherlock Holmes.

The Story

A series of jewel robberies shocks London. These are committed by a bunch of cats in "Mission Impossible" style.

Jerry lives in the flat of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. The detective sends him out to fetch the latest newspaper.

On his way, Jerry meets Tom.

A well-known chase follows with bricks lading in faces, Tom being overrun by a steamroller and so on.

I am sure you know the drill. :o)

Both eventually arrive at Baker Street. The newspaper is in shreds and Jerry hides in Holmes's violin. Tom snatches the instrument from the detective's hand and smashes it to pieces.

Oh dear!

Not a very good start to earn Holmes's sympathy.

But Tom also has a letter for the detective. His employer, the American singer Red, needs Holmes's help.

All four go to see her at the night club where she works.

Watson and Jerry are immediately besotted with the beautiful Red.
She sings a lively song about her bumbershoot.

The case looks fairly simple at first.

Someone blackmails Red. She has to deliver payment every evening or else her fiancé will be told that she works in a night club.

She lives near the embassy where the famous diamond "The Star of Punjab" is kept.

Holmes remembers the jewel robberies which have been committed recently as well as the case of the Red-Headed league.

They leave for Red's flat and actually discover the tunnel which leads to the embassy.
But the deed has already been done. The "Star of Punjab" is gone.

During their investigation, Jerry finds a porcelain button. Holmes knows that only the tailor Brett Jeremy in Lancashire uses these buttons.

The quartet splits up.

Holmes and Watson leave for Lancashire. They want to question Brett Jeremy.

In the meantime, Tom and Jerry shall bring Red to Baker Street and keep her safe.

On their way, the trio not only meets the thieving cats but also has to hide from the police officers Droopy and Butch.

Jerry has a brilliant idea. They hide in the church of his brother Tuffy.

But Butch and Droppy are on their trail. Tom and Jerry hide in the church's organ. This is a very bad idea. The police officers try their hand at playing some Bach.

A quite unusual way to introduce classical music to children, but it works.

The air compressed in the organ pipes also works as a propeller and makes Tom and Jerry's flight possible.

Unfortunately, Tom lands in a wagon full of hay and impales himself on a pitchfork. Poor boy!

This is a running gag. It reminds me a lot of Sideshow Bob from "The Simpsons" who has the misfortune to step onto rakes.

Red and Tuffy eventually catch up with them. They arrive at the "Twisted Lip" pub where the thieves also while away their time.

Red acts as a diversion and sings an altered version of her bumbershoot song. This leads Tom, Jerry and Tuffy to the hidden gem.

During their flight they arrive at a cemetery where they meet a masked rider. He steals the jewel.

Then Red has an idea. She wants to ask her friend for help who lives nearby. He also recommended Sherlock Holmes to her.

Unfortunately this family "friend" is none other than Professor Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes's arch enemy.

Tom, Jerry and Tuffy cannot free Red and they all shall witness Moriarty's greatest triumph; the theft of the crown jewels.

Meanwhile, Holmes and Watson are quite literally on a wild goose chase. But Holmes finally realises what's going on. They rush back to London.

The inevitable confrontation between Holmes and Moriarty follows in the action-filled finale.

But don't worry, there is a happy end. Holmes and Watson even attend Red's wedding.

The Actors

Michael York (Escape from the 21st Century) is a great choice for Sherlock Holmes. His dynamic voice is always in tune with the situation.

John Rhys-Davies' deep voice is a perfect match for Dr Watson. Although I wish the writers would have depicted Watson's character a little less like Nigel Bruce.

You can clearly hear that Malcolm McDowell enjoys his part as Professor Moriarty.
He follows in the footsteps of none other than legendary Horror actor Vincent Price. Price lent his vocal and musical talent to Ratigan, the villain from "The Great Mouse Detective".

It's a joy to listen to these actors.

Some Nice Extras

At the beginning of the film we see Holmes wearing glasses. I must admit it looks quite natural. But don't worry, he only needs them for reading.

The Case of Red reminds one of the Red-Headed League.

The background setting is typical for Victorian England. It's very detailed and you can see the artists did their research very well.

Some names are tributes to other Sherlock Holmes actors:

"Rathbone Inn" is a reference to Basil Rathbone, a Sherlock Holmes actor who is most famous for a series of movies from 1939-1946.

"Bruce Nigel Music Hall" refers to Nigel Bruce. He played Doctor Watson opposite Basil Rathbone's Holmes.

"The Twisted Lip" pub is named after an original Sherlock Holmes story about the case of a beggar who is suspected of killing a banker.

The tailor Brett Jeremy refers to the actor Jeremy Brett. He played Sherlock Holmes in the Granada TV series.

Red's song "Bumbershoot" is raunchy, similar to the song in "The Great Mouse Detective".

The drive in the direction of unfinished Tower Bridge is very much like the 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie, which also ends at the unfinished Tower Bridge.

Aside from Tom and Jerry, many other Warner Brothers' cartoon characters like Droopy, Butch and Spike appear as well.


"Tom and Jerry meet Sherlock Holmes" is an action-filled and funny movie for the whole family.

It includes many hints at the original stories or other movie versions.

It is also true to the original characters, except for Watson :(

But nonetheless, "Tom and Jerry meet Sherlock Holmes" is a perfect introduction to Sherlock Holmes for younger children.

Highly recommended.

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