Doing It For The Kids -
Children's Movies with
Sherlock Holmes

Every child loves adventures. And the Sherlock Holmes children's movies offer a lot of them.

They are also a perfect introduction to the world of Sherlock Holmes.

So, if you are looking for a movie that your whole family can enjoy, check out some of these:

Children (6-10 years)

The Great Mouse Detective

This Disney movie is based on the "Basil of Baker Street" books by Eve Titus.
The main character is a little mouse. But even mice have their problems with rodent super villains.

Tom And Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes

Everyone's favourite cat and mouse duo joins Sherlock Holmes in an adventure against none other than Professor Moriarty.
Some other characters from the well-known Warner Brothers' cartoons also appear in this fantastic children's movie.

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"Tom And Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes"

Sherlock Hound (aka Meitantei Holmes)

In this Japanese anime series dogs play the main characters. It is quite charming and entertaining. It was produced in 1984, so it does not have the hectic sequences which dominate today's anime series.

Cartoons with Peter O'Toole

Veteran actor Peter O'Toole lent his vocal talents to a series of four movies about Holmes's most famous cases. They include "The Valley of Fear", "The Hound of the Baskervilles", "A Study in Scarlet" and "The Sign of Four". These children's movies were produced for Australian television in 1983.

Children (10-12 years)

Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars

After one of their own supposedly drowns, the Baker Street Irregulars ask Sherlock Holmes for help. The detective refuses to look into the case, so the gang launches its own investigation. Eventually they have to help Holmes himself.

Sherlock Holmes In The 22nd Century

In this animated TV series the detective from the 19th century is reanimated in order to fight crime in a futuristic world.
A robotic Dr Watson and a female Inspector Lestrade help him.

Young Sherlock Holmes

A movie about Sherlock Holmes's youth. He meets John Watson in a boarding school. Together they try to solve a series of murders. Steven Spielberg produced this adventure filled movie.

Young Sherlock Holmes And The Mystery Of The Manor House

A TV series which also tries to explore Holmes's past. Sadly, a young Watson is missing. All in all, I cannot recommend this series.

Out Of Competition

The Granada Series with Jeremy Brett

As a child I also loved the television series with Jeremy Brett.
I still do :o)

Many episodes are suitable for children as well. For example, "The Priory School" deals with the kidnapping of a school boy. Of course, Sherlock Holmes saves the boy in the end.

Whether your children are young or nearly grown-up, there are many Sherlock Holmes movies to entertain both youngsters and adults.

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