Hello and welcome to my website.

If you love Sherlock Holmes movies and TV series as much as I do, you've come to the right place to share your passion.

I still remember watching the Basil Rathbone movies in my childhood. I must admit some gave me the creeps.

But that's what good mystery movies are for, aren't they?

To be honest one or two of these movies still creep me out today. Especially when I watch them alone in a darkened room late at night.

Another quite vivid childhood memory concerns the Granada series with Jeremy Brett.
I loved the adventures and the great friendship between Holmes and Watson.
It was much more exciting and grown-up than the usual children's programmes.

Since then some time has passed. But my enthusiasm for Sherlock Holmes and the Sherlock Holmes movies remained.

Thanks to the internet I purchase my favourite movies from all over the world now. So I can watch all the movies I have only read about before.

I hope we can share and exchange experiences about all the great Sherlock Holmes movies.

So, turn off the lights, grab your popcorn and let's enjoy our favourite detective's adventures on screen.

The game's afoot…

…or rather the movie is :o)

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